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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Akung Noodle

A buyer who first came to Noodles at Jalan Lodaya Akung somewhat startled when I saw the portion of Mie Akung. "Wow I never thought the portions not so many," he said when paying the bill at the cashier.

Other customers also Fifi (37) who came with her husband and her son said from the first one serving of noodles Akung indeed a lot.

"I wrote the message a half and still be a lot," said Fifi who already subscribe to Mie Akung since high school. According to Mie Akung Fitr sense had always been distinctive and delicious.

Serves jumbonya Mie Akung was already known to many people. For the first time to visit might be a little surprised at the portions are ridiculous. In a bowl consisting of a lot of egg noodles, dumplings, meatball know the contents of chicken dumpling, one large meatball, one meatball medium and one small meatballs, vegetables, and noodles kehasan Akung namely some chicken claw and then sprinkled with chopped chicken.

Um ... view alone was tempted though somewhat confused how to spend a large portion of this. Taste the noodles and other supplementary materials are good. Although likely to remain if the pouch is not sufficient to accommodate. So is recommended if it will come to the Mie Akung stomach should be empty. Because guaranteed not only satisfied, the portion of noodles Akung make very full.

But it does not have a full portion. You can choose whatever you want to complement. Can without baso know, can not claw, without dumplings or without dumplings. Or just order a half portion. You can order a soup or Yamin. The price of a portion of the portion of Mie Akung usual to complete the portion of between Rp 16,500 to Rp 22,500. While the price of a half portion from Rp 12,500-Rp 16,500.

For a drink menu that can be selected is durian ice, mixed ice or ice jazzed yan can be mixed with juice or various duren. Ice mixed durennya delicious and fresh. Gelatin mixture, jackfruit, avocado, a few grains duren delicious and shaved ice. A serving of ice mixed duren USD 11,500. For a variety of juices USD 8 thousand.

If a little trouble finding a location Mie Akung benchmark Palasari Bookstore. From the road junction continue straight Palasari browse Lodaya Road towards Jalan Student Warriors