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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

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Sari Ater

The distance from Bandung city: 32 km
Travel Time: 60 minutes

Quite different features are offered in Ciater hot spring, even before you arrive at the location of the bathhouse. Along the way to the tourist sites, you will be treated to beautiful views and beautiful. Expanse of verdant tea gardens on the right and left of the road will refresh the view and to reassure anyone who saw it. Typical of the cool mountain air will increase the comfort of your trip to the location of hot spring Ciater. Arriving in Ciater, you can choose the location where you want to go because at this resort there are several parties who manages a number of hot water baths. In addition to presenting a natural hot spring, in Ciater there are also public swimming facilities that provide rooms for rent. Inside these rooms, you will get the privacy and comfort to enjoy the sensation of soaking in warm water as much. In addition, these attractions are also provided bungalow facilities for visitors who want to stay. Natural scenery around the pool no less amazing. You can enjoy the beauty of a waterfall of warm water vapor plume covered in hot water bath complex of this Ciater. Soak in Ciater will allow blood to flow smoothly so that the agency feels it will feel fitter. Efficacy of hot water Ciater had been clinically tested. Based on a review of the benefits of natural bath and water health, water in Ciater contains calcium, magnesium, chloride, sulfate, thermo, minerals, and hypertherma with high levels of aluminum that is 38.5 equiv percent, and the acidity is also very high, with a ph 2.45. Hot water directly from springs Ciater estimated temperature 43-46 degrees Celsius. While the water is poured into a swimming bath temperature average levels ranging from 37-42 degrees Celsius. When the hot water flowing from Mount Tangkuban The boat arrived in the area of rice fields and is rather cold, the temperature to around 80-10 degrees celsius. In addition to treating skin disease, the benefits contained in the flow of hot water Ciater also believed to be efficacious for the treatment of healing rheumatism, nerve and bone disorders, and cure of paralysis caused by high blood disease or stroke. This is because the hot water contained in Ciater containing sulfur with a composition that is ideal for health. Of course, the efficacy of this Ciater hot water will be felt if you do therapy with routine and regular soaking. To support the needs of visitors to this, in Ciater also provided facilities where treatment therapy. Not only the tourist charms of natural and medical therapies that you get in Ciater tourist destination. Many fun activities that you and your family can do in this place, such as cycling, swimming, fishing, boating and kayaking, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, tennis, basketball, volleyball, mini golf, go-kart, camping, outbound, vehicle children's games, roads in the tea plantations, to visit the craft of pottery.

Person : Rp20.000, - until Rp55.000, - depending on the facilities provided

Attractions Facilities
Go Cart Off Road
Rp. 75,000 (4 laps thundem)
Rp. 65,000 (4 laps)
Rp. 35 000 (2 laps)

Tea Walk
A sports activity the which combined a 5 km tour crossing the tea garden and a visit to the process of tea production.
Rp. 30.000, - / persons
Guading, Snack, Streaching & Games, Visit the Tea Factory & Free drink tea water

That game take you to travel arround Some chalenging track for 2.7 km with 150cc and 400cc 4 wheel motorcycle.
Rp. 110,000, - / persons (Adventure Track 2.7 km)
Rp. 200.000, - / persons (4 WD 5.1 km)
Rp. 40.000, - (Extra Persons)

Tea & Jungle Ride Family Package
Enjoy your new experience with horseback riding and exploring the expanse of tea plantations through an exotic forest ....
Price USD. 340 000, -/Pax
Duration 1.5 Hours / Min 2 Pax
Horse Rental + Snack + Drink Traditional
All packages include guides, Cowboy Hat, by-by & Insurance

Flying Fox
A Challenging games with swinging on an 80 meters steel cable.
Rp. 25,000 (2 slides)
Rp. 15,000 (1 slides)

Paint Ball
Outdoor Sport with war simulation method using strategy, team work, leadership, sportivity and courage. The Game Can Be Played in teams or individually.

Age: minimum of 12 years old
Rp. 80.000, - / persons

History / myth / legend
Sari Ater attractions this was originally a haunted forest land. But after it is opened by the name, Embah Ebos, haunted feel it gradually bit eroded. Ciater name was begins from this story, Around the 1960's, on the merit of this Ebos Embah, the region's forest land converted to settlement and named Ciater. At that time, local communities face shortages of clean water. Then someone named Embah Tajimalela trying to cut Ater trees.
From the tree turns out a rapids water. So from the legend why people called Ater water or Ciater which means the water that poured. Jets of water coming out of the Ater tree is believed by residents give benefits to treat some diseases, especially skin diseases. That belief justified by the Netherlands royal, Mr. Hacker Bessel, after doing research on water nutritious. Existence of hot water attractions Ciater, new improved in 1968. At that time, Subang regency government appoint the Public Works Department and the Regional Revenue Service (Revenue) to develop a tourism hot water.
The first manager who ran the tour is Sahro from Subang District Public Works Department. For more serious and professional management, on March 20, 1974, management of tourist hot water delivered to PT Sari Ater, led by HA Soewarman. The change manager is done when Government Lieutenant Colonel Atju Syamsudin.

Travel to the Ciater hot spring by road can be reached by using a private vehicle or public transportation. If you use public transportation services from direction of Bandung, should you depart from Terminal Ledeng by riding public transportation-Lembang Ledeng majors. After arriving at Terminal Lembang, you can continue the trip using public transportation majoring Lembang-Subang. After taking approximately 30 minutes drive from Terminal Lembang, come down on the crossing road, Ciater Village. That's where the hot spring tourist sites Ciater located. Alternatives to the area of this tourist attraction is to use a rental car from from Mpv Rent Car

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