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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The top of Mount Tangkuban Perahu is flat and elongated like an inverted boat. The form is rarely found on volcanoes in general. In addition to the unique shape, it also beautiful mountain because on the slopes of the mountain lies a vast tea gardens. From the top of this mountain, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery and cool air while looking at the atmosphere from a height of Bandung. Visiting the Mount Tangkuban Perahu, tourists also can see the beauty of ten adjacent craters, namely Queen Crater, Crater Upas, New Crater, Crater Lanang, Ecoma Crater, Crater Jurig, Demon Crater, Domas Crater, Crater Jarian, and Pangguyangan Rhino. sulfur out from Craters that evaporates out of the sidelines of rocks located at the bottom of the crater. Queen Crater, Crater Upas, and Domas Crater, a crater of Mount Tangkuban that are often visited by tourists. Ratu crater shaped like a giant bowl large and deep. If the weather is sunny visitors can see clearly the basis of the crater basin. Queen Crater is the largest crater on the mountain adjacent to Upas Crater, roughly about 1,500 meters away. Then Upas crater shape quite shallow and flat on the bottom, so much overgrown with wild trees on one side of the crater base. While the Domas Crater shape of basin that emit hot springs. In these hot springs, tourists can use it to wash the body, because the content of sulfur is believed to cure various kinds of skin diseases. There are also many tourists who take advantage of the hot springs to boil a chicken egg by entering it into the pool of hot water for about 10 minutes. After ten minutes, the eggs will mature and are edible. To go craters, visitors can walk through the trail with the distance between the craters are not so far. Travelers can also hire a special saddle horse to get to the location of Crater Queen.

History / myth / legend
Mount Tangkuban Perahu is one of the volcanoes found in West Java. Tangkuban Perahu Mountain is called because shaped like an inverted boat. The word “Tangkuban `` (Sudanese) mean inverted. Mount which has a height of approximately 2084 meters above sea level has a wide range of forest areas, namely dipterocarp forest, Upper dipterocarp forest, Montane forest, and Ericaceous jungle. Historically, this mountain had erupted in 1910 with a power of 2 on the Richter scale. As a result of the eruption that formed the many craters are often issued lowlands sulfur fumes underneath it. According to local story, The legend of Mount Tangkuban Perahu derived from Sangkuriang legend, the son of a beautiful woman named Dayang Sumbi. As a child Sangkuriang expelled by his mother for having killed a dog (father Sangkuriang who incarnates / changed into a dog). Dayang Sumbi and Sangkuriang then split up over the years. After Sangkuriang adults, they finally met. The meeting was made Sangkuriang fall in love and wanted to marry Dayang Sumbi. However, Dayang Sumbi declined because he knew that Sangkuriang is his biological child. To reject the request, Dayang Sumbi proposed requirement for made a boat overnight. Having failed to finish the boat, Sangkuriang angry and kicked the boat up and then thrown into a mountain similar to the boat upside down.