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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Location :        
The distance from Bandung city: 27 km
Travel Time: 30 minutes

Sightseeing Maribaya that at an altitude above 1000 meters offers a lot of charm that pity to miss. Sightseeing is an area of ​​5.5 hectares of attractive mineral hot springs, waterfalls, up to a beautiful panorama of the forest.

Located about 27 kilometers from the city center or 5 miles east Lembang, the air here is very cool. What is unique, there is a hot springs here. If you want to enjoy the hot water, the manager already holds the water into a pond. The pool is about 20x10 meters of hot water temperature of 20-40 degrees Celsius. When I saw the water was yellowish, do not think that the pool was dirty. Yellow water came from a high content of sulfur minerals.

If you felt less confident with a lot of people soaking in hot tubs, please just go into the bathrooms of hot water was poured into yaang tanks. Your privacy will be maintained here. But there is a specified time limit if you choose a bathing room entrance. About 20 minutes. Unlike the pool, going all night is fine. Rates offered are also cheap at USD $ 2750 for adults and Rp 1250 for the children.

In addition to offering hot springs, Maribaya also fed two rivers, the River and River Cigulung Cikawari. Two of these rivers form the three waterfalls. There is a waterfall (waterfall) Cikawari, Cigulung waterfall, and waterfall Cikoleang. But of the three waterfalls, the only waterfall Cikawari which basically quite shallow, so that could be used to play water.

In addition to hot springs and waterfalls, the other charms that make visitors feel at home Maribaya linger is cool and natural asrinya mountains. attractiveness of the natural atmosphere of the mountains was a major selling power Maribaya. Therefore, the beauty of this tourist object is really retained.

History / myth / legend:
Maribaya derived from the name of a very beautiful woman who became the source of excitement for young men. I was so fascinated by her beauty, young men in kampungya often bicker so that at times can be a bloodbath. That is the beauty Maribaya past. Because of the beauty and comfort of the area, the location of warm water baths were immortalized by the name Maribaya. Accompanied by rustling beauty waterfall scenery depicted as a beautiful girl who makes each young man to his knees. However, whether Maribaya tourist attraction is still as before that made everyone want to linger?
Since the start developed in 1835 by Mercury Dinata grandparent, father Maribaya, tourist sites that managed to change the lives of Old Man Mercury Dinata formerly poor become affluent life. Many people who visit these places. They not only come for recreation natural fresh air and mountain hills, but many also seek treatment by soaking in warm water.
Grandmother Mercury Dinata who really just want to avoid bloodshed in their village, even got the blessings of wealth after managing the mineral hot springs that can be used for treatment. Family Maribaya earn revenue from visitors who came in throngs.
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