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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Taman Hutan Juanda

Distance from city bandung: 7 kilometers from heart of Bandung city
Travel Time: 15 minutes

Area Ir. Djuanda forrest reached about 527.03 hectares, which stretches from Cikapundung valley region in Dago Pakar to Maribaya in the valley region of North Dago hills. Natural conditions thereby giving enough space free to the visitor to perform various activities in the region. Forests in this park is a secondary forest and forest plantations has around 2,500 species of trees belonging to 40 families and 112 species. The trees are imported from various countries and regions in Indonesia plant Collection of this region are increasingly complete with the presence of different types of plants beneath the neatly maintained, like teklan (Eupatorium odoratum), eucalyptus (Ecalyptus deglupta), mahogany (Switenia macrophylla), bungur (Lagerstruemia sp), saninten (Cartanopsis argentea), plug (Quercus sp), damar (Agathis Damara), and mountain hibiscus (Hibiscus similis). If lucky, visitors can see various wildlife of this region, such as weasels (Paradoxunus hermaproditus), squirrel (Callosciurus notatus), long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis), birds Kamata (Zoeteraps palpebrosus), perenjak Java (Lonchura leucogastroides), birds cinenen banana (Orthotomus sutorius), and partridges (Galus-galus banriva). For visitors who like a challenge, in the region there are hiking area with a distance of about 5 kilometers until the region Maribaya. When bored with natural attractions, visitors can try another atmosphere, like visiting the cave former Crooked hydroelectric water tunnel that had become the center of the Dutch army radio communications, cave fortress used by Japanese soldiers from invasion of Dutch troops and allies, or visit the museum which contains various collections of Ir H. Djuanda charters and medal awards from within and abroad.

Car: Rp 10,000
Persons: Rp 8,000

Attractions Facilities:
In the area of Ir H. Djuanda forrest there are various support facilities, such as tourist information centers, parking lots, paved smooth road to the location, sanitary, and Shelters- Also, in the region there is a cafe floating in the pond water reservoir hydropower cafe provides a boat for visitors who want to come to the cafe

History myth legend:
Plans to make the Ir H. Djuanda forrest area as protected forest area has been started since 1922 However, the inauguration of a new recreation forest was done on August 23, 1965 based on the Decree of the Minister of Agriculture Decree No. 575/Kpts/Um/1980 Nevertheless, various groups are still not satisfied if the area was in the forest just as Bandung recreation or theme parks They requested that the area is increased the function as a means of education, research, training and extension in the open field, providing a source germplasm descendants, tourism facilities, and the silencer flood erosion of Bandung The Government responded positively to the idea that the President issued Decree No. 3 of 1985 On January 14, 1985, coinciding with the anniversary of the birth of Ir H. Djuanda, President Soeharto inaugurated the Dago Waterfall Park Forest Park Ir H. Djuanda Djuanda name was chosen not merely because the consideration he came from West Java and the presence of Forest Park in Bandung, but rather as a form of respect for their dedication and service to the nation of Indonesia. As recorded history, the birth of Tasikmalaya a national hero who has the full name Djuanda Kartawidjaja this is one of intellectual actors behind the events of the Republic of Indonesia's independence proclamation In addition, he also had become Prime Minister in the era of Guided Democracy

The area can be accessed using any type of motorized vehicle Visitors who use private cars can go directly to the location Visitors who use public transportation, can ride public transportation majoring-Terminal Dago Bandung From Terminal Dago, the journey continues on foot, or ride motorcycles to the location Alternatives to area of this tourist attraction is to use a rental car from from Mpv Rent Car

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