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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Papandayan Mountain is situated on the island of Java, at 7°32' S and 107°73'E, rising 2.665 m. Papandayan Mountain is one of the natural wonder in West-Java. Papandayan is a complex strata volcano with four large summit craters, the youngest of which was breached to the NE by collapse during a brief eruption in 1772 and contains active fumarole fields. This interesting place lies in the border of the Bandung and Garut regencies, about seventy kilometers south of Bandung and about 19,25 km from Garut. It is one if the most spectacular volcanoes in this province and the top of the mountain are easily reaches, because there are special road leading to the crater. Mount Papandayans crater is probably one of the most spectacular mountain scenes on Java Island.
The Mount Papandayan area is a popular tourist site. Tourists can walk across the crater and view phenomena such as bubbling mud pools, steam vents and sulfur deposits. The bubbling yellow crater (Kawah Papandayan or "Papandayan Crater") is a popular sight. There are various other volcanic craters in the area to the south of Bandung as well.
to be able to reach the mountain, takes 1 hour from garut city  or 3 hours from Bandung. vehicles can only reach the parking lot and to be able to get to the crater have to walk 1-3 hours. but along the way to the crater  many  spots can be seen, such as river, lake, plant, and others.
Papandayan view from the car park

Many people start the journey to the mountain at dawn to see sunrise. to be able to see the sunrise we had to walk 30 minutes from the parking lot toward the hill. At 5 am sunrise is starting to look begins with the sky is red and at 6:30 the sun had risen. sunrise views in this place is amazing.
Sunrise at papandayan
After seeing the sunrise, then walking an hour through the forest to see the edelweiss flower garden. Edelwes is kind of a rare flower that grows only in high mountain. This flower has a privilege after picking the flowers will not die and wither even if stored for years.

Edelweiss garden
Once satisfied to see the park, the journey continues to the craterThere are many craters in Papandayan mountain, the famous crater are kawah mas crater and kawah baru.

Kawah mas

Kawah Baru

 River and waterfall in papandayan

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