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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nasi Liwet Asep Stroberi

RESTAURANT "Mr. Asep Strawberries" is in addition to serving delicious rice liwet, visitors are also spoiled by the atmosphere and the fresh green rice fields.

This restaurant actually has four branches. All of them offer a dish of "rice liwet" and atmosphere of the fields.
The building the restaurant is indeed a very distinctive feel of Sunda. Shingle roof of the building looks very traditional. At Nagreg branch, infront 0f the restaurant is a prayer room. The atmosphere of the green rice fields can be immediately visible when entering this restaurant.

The kitchen and the cashier was in the building above. At the top there is also a place to eat . But if you want to maintain privacy, visitors can go down to the bottom like a valley through the stone steps. There were dozens of small and large saung. -Saung Saung is located in the surrounding rice paddies and fish ponds. Between saung connected to one another with a stone path.
"Liwet rice" is an original menu Sundanese cuisine. Rice is the food of the peasants who were working rice field. Rice is cooked with a thick pan called kastrol. Direct rice cooked in special spices mixed kastrol with additional plus chili and fish sauce. Because you have added the spices and salted fish, usually rice liwet can be directly eaten without the need for additional toppings. However, to increase appetite and makes it more delicious ,rice usually served with additional toppings such as grilled or fried fish, fried chicken, salty bike, tempe and tofu, and chili sauce and fresh vegetables.

In Asep Eating Strawberries, rice is also cooked in kastrol. When serving, pan liwet immediately placed on a table. Kastrol that the bottom pan blackened liwet showed that rice is indeed lifted straight from the oven, not the gas stove. Billowing white smoke that continues to add interest to immediately eat it.

Here liwet rice sold in a package that includes a side-dish, such as salted fish, fried chicken, tempe mendoan, as well as salad vegetables, all presented at once in a bamboo tray. The setting is quite attractive and inviting once again to be eaten.

Another uniqueness is mixed with sauces because the sauce strawberries giving a distinctive sweet and sour taste.

But to enjoy the special dish of rice liwet, visitors have to be patient. the freshly rice liwet cooked when there is an order. There is no ready-made rice liwet and can be presented directly to the customer. To cook rice in a pot kastrol liwet medium at least it takes at least 30 minutes. So, if you want to enjoy the distinctive style liwet Asep Strawberries, visitors must wait at least half an hour to be able to enjoy it.

In order not to wait long, visitors who have subscribed to the restaurant is usually booked in advance liwet rice dish on the way to the restaurant. In this way there is no need to wait long. But for new visitors, the length of time waiting for the rice dish liwet become the most complained.