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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Papandayan Volcano

Mount Papandayan has a height of 2665 m above sea level, located 120 km east of Bandung precisely located in the town of Garut. Until now, the mountain Papandayan still active, the last eruption occurred in 2002. previously, the mountain has erupted several times.
to be able to reach the mountain, takes 1 hour from garut city  or 3 hours from Bandung. vehicles can only reach the parking lot and to be able to get to the crater have to walk 1-3 hours. but along the way to the crater  many  spots can be seen, such as river, lake, plant, and others.
Papandayan view from the parking lot

Many people start the journey to the mountain at dawn to see sunrise. to be able to see the sunrise we had to walk 30 minutes from the parking lot toward the hill. At 5 am sunrise is starting to look begins with the sky is red and at 6:30 the sun had risen. sunrise views in this place is amazing.
Sunrise at papandayan
Don’t miss the experience visit an active volcano. During tracking you will walk through hot steam from beneath the earth, see boiling mud and geyser. And beside beautiful scenery you also can see another amazing view that you can’t see at other place, such as:
1. Crater Lake
This Lake has a diameter of 100m and depth 50m. The lake is formed because eruption in 2002. This lake is unique because the color is always change. The color was blue, green, brown, white and red.
2. Edelweiss flower
Edelweiss flower is a rare flower and only grows in areas that are very high. This is an everlasting flower, because after being picked from the tree, the flower can survive without water for years. At the top of papandayan mountains there are more than 50 hectares of edelweiss tree.
3. Rivers
At every mountain has rivers, but river in Papandayan are very interesting, because there are many rivers with different water colors, from red, white, blue and black. This color is because the mineral content contained in the water.
4. Crater
at Papandayan you will see up close how the hot steam comes out, the location where the discharge of steam is called a crater. There are many crater in papandayan, you will see all the craters during tracking.

To be able to enjoy the beauty of this mountain, visitors should be in fit condition, because visitor should track at least 2 hours. Road conditions are gravel but the path is not too steep and with a cool temperature makes the tracking in Papandayan is not too tiring.
During the tracking, visitors will be escorted by a ranger, to ensure visitors are safe and not get lost

Edelweiss garden

Kawah mas

Kawah Baru

 River and waterfall in papandayan