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Sunday, October 2, 2011


Garut is one of the best leather jacket manufacturer in Indonesia. Leather jacket in Garut products produced from sheep breeding centers spread across Garut.
If you are interested in this leather jacket, just come to the center of crafting leather jacket Garut, in Sukaregang. Located not far from the center of Garut. Leather craft center is already well known, even to foreign countries. This can be seen from the number of products exported Garut leather jacket out of the country. Designs and motifs used in the leather jacket is very diverse and modern Garut. Not monotonous, that's all, so it is always interesting to see and buy.
Upon entering the area Sukaregang, you'll see there are many rows of shops selling leather jackets. Start jacket men, women, adults and children here. The model offered was varied. Certainly make visitors confused to choose.
Go into any store and you can see a variety of leather goods are sold. Apparently, Sukaregang not only sells leather jackets, but also other items such as leather bags. Well, for the love collecting hats, complete your collection by buying a hat made of genuine leather Sukaregang.
Various well-made products Sukaregang jacket or other accessories are 100 percent genuine leather, about the price of goods depends on the type, thickness, and style. For example, to accessories like leather handbags are prices ranging from Rp 80,000.
For the jacket, there are many options to try a unique selection of prices starting at Rp 650,000. Different thickness, different prices of course. For a thick jacket and cover the whole body, may be subject to the price of Rp 700000-2000000. Yes, the price does vary, depending on the model, the thickness of the jacket, and of course your bargaining skills.
In addition to crafts shops selling leather jackets, you can also see the process of making leather jackets. Starting from the newly flayed skin, so visitors can see the sewing process.
Yes, you are able to look directly for the manufacture of leather industry here is a cottage industry.