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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kampung Sumber Alam Resurt

Kampung sumber alam is a traditional resort with a unique concept of "village" which laid out artistically distinctive "sunda architecture", with the building above the "pond", roof with the fibers, and wall with wood reflects the culture of architecture as "old village" , where all bungalows are equipped with private bath and natural hot spring.

With beautiful surroundings and spectacular views overlooking  Mountain, Kampung sumber alam is a resort that needs to be visited by any family. For those of you who are looking for hot spring Kampung sumber alam is the place. You can enjoy hot water with the family who came from Mount Guntur hot springs with sulfur content is good for skin health. There are many other facilities that you can find in Kampung sumber alam, making it an ideal rest and recreation for families in the town of Garut.

Kampung sumber alam is in great demand by domestic and foreign tourists. You must make reservations well in advance. Especially for you are interested Weekend, Day, New Year and school holidays..